UFCW Women’s Network Joins El Super Boycott Action

By Teresa D’Asaro 
Organizing Co-Chair

el super groupOn March 25, 2015, the UFCW Women’s Network joined the El Super boycott by picketing at an El Super store in Phoenix, Arizona.
The El Super boycott started in Southern California where over 600 El Super workers across seven Southern California stores have been working with an expired contract since September 2013.

The boycott has now moved to Phoenix, Arizona where stores are also being picketed. The El Super market workers, along with community organizations, endorse the call to boycott El Super markets. They have come together because despite huge profits, El Super has continued to refuse to negotiate a fair contract in Los Angeles, California. Hundreds of picketing workers, faith leaders, the United Food & Commercial Workers and community members will continue to boycott until workers achieve their core goal of winning respect and a fair contract.