Join the national movement to pass legislation for the Healthy Families Act (HFA)

Millions of Americans don’t have access to paid sick days and paid family leave, which threatens their financial security, their health, and the health of their families, and our communities.

Existing paid sick days and family leave laws clearly demonstrate that any fears that these policies will have a negative effect on businesses and economies are unfounded. In fact, when surveyed, employers generally support these laws after they are implemented and there have been no signs of economic harm. Looking for a reason to pass the Healthy Families Act (HFA)?

Research shows that:

  • Earned sick days and paid family leave help strengthen the economy.
  • Paid time off will strengthen families.
  • Increases employee loyalty and morale.
  • Earned sick days and paid leave protects public health and will make our country a safer, healthier place to live.
  • Small businesses support paid time off because it’s good for their bottom line.
  • Paid sick days and family leave is good policy – and also good politics.time to care

Download the The Work Family Policy Toolkit at designed as an aid for those interested in joining the national movement to create workplace policies that help families. The toolkit is packed with information, reports, messaging, stories and more – all focused on paid family leave and paid sick days and why hard working families deserve paid time off.