Right to Work…For Less

By Lois Taylor 
Treasurer, Women’s Network   r2w for less

There has been a lot of discussion recently about “Right to Work” and if it’s a good thing or bad. When you first look at just the phrase, “Right to Work”, one would think it’s a good thing and people should have the right to work. But do not let that phrase deceive you. Deception is the key to corporations wanting you to believe that they have your best interest in mind. Their interest is profit, not people.
Right to Work brings down wages and benefits and is an attack on workers’ rights. It means less money to buy homes, cars and the food that you put on your table. It means fewer benefits in the way of higher medical costs with less coverage. It means college education for your children may not be affordable and working longer because pensions have been reduced or deleted.

Right to Work puts workers at a disadvantage by making it harder to collectively bargain for wages, benefits and safe working conditions.
You work hard to provide for yourself and your family. You helped your company become profitable and helped your community thrive by purchasing goods and services. Right to Work has allowed some workers to take the wages and benefits that your dues have helped pay for through contract negotiations without paying their fair share. This is wrong and so is Right to Work.
Recently the new Illinois Governor has announced a proposal to enable local Illinois communities to adopt their own right to work regulations or local “right to work zones”.  These local “right to work zones” or “employee empowerment zones” as he calls it, is another deceitful phrase that would only benefit corporations therefore reducing the middle class and  weakening workers and their unions. We believe it would be corporate empowerment and would reduce the middle class and the collective bargaining power of unions.
“When we unite, when we stand together, we can and will create a better future for every hardworking family”, says newly elected International President, Marc Perrone. These words are important to remember. As union members, we must remain united and stand together, with One Voice.

Don’t be fooled by greedy billionaires and special interest groups that spend millions trying to convince you that Right to Work is better for you. The fact is Right to Work really means The Right to Work for Less.