Region 8 – Mentorship Program Growing Strong in Southern California

Region 8 started its Women’s Network Mentoring program last year with 7 union representatives agreeing to serve as mentors to 7 rank-and-file women members who wanted to learn and become more involved in the union. The union representatives agreed to do 3 simple things:

  • Meet with the member monthly for coffee or lunch to discuss how the union works and answer questions;
  • Bring the member to a quarterly lunch at the local union office to discuss areas of common interest with the other women involved;
  • Bring the member to union events: rallies, meetings and lobbying.

    region 8 mike gattos office
    Mentors and Mentees visit the office of Assembly Member Mike Gatto. This was one of four visits to California State Assembly members. We Can Do It!

Congratulations to last year’s mentee, Samantha Christian, who was accepted to the International Blue and Gold Program and is currently working as a SPUR on our El Super Contract Campaign.  

Region 8 Lobby Actions

On March 24th, Southern California Women’s Network members attended the Los Angeles City Council hearing regarding raising the minimum wage in the City of Los Angeles to $15.25 per hour.

On April 15th, they rallied with thousands of other workers who support a substantial increase in the minimum wage for retail, fast food and home care workers.

On April 17th, they lobbied at the local offices of four California State Assembly members (Matt Dababneh, Adrin Nazarian, Mike Gatto and Chris Holden – all men). They were asked to support three bills that are priorities for the UFCW in California:
The Minimum Wage Fairness Act that raises the minimum wage in California to $13.00 per hour in 2017 with annual increases tied to inflation beginning in 2019;

The Fair Scheduling Bill that gives workers at least two weeks’ notice of their work schedule and additional pay for last minute schedule changes;

A Grocery Worker Retention Bill that will allow a new owner to terminate an eligible worker during a 90-day transition period after a change in ownership only if the new owner can show “cause” for termination.