Another State Falls to Right to Work Legislation

By Lynn Knaak  
Political Action Co-ChairR2W

Governor Walker has once again betrayed the hard working, middle class workers of Wisconsin.   After his statement saying he had little interest in pursuing a right-to-work law in Wisconsin, he signed legislation on March 9, 2015 making Wisconsin the 25th state to become a Right to Work state.

By signing Right to Work into law, Governor Walker continues his attack on the hard working, middle class families of Wisconsin. Under Governor Walker’s watch I have seen many changes in my home

state of Wisconsin, all of which are to stifle the middle class. Make no mistake, this law will bring down wages and benefits and is an attack on workers’ rights! The wording alone is deceptive “Right to Work” as people think to themselves of course I deserve the right to work. We need to communicate more effectively with our members and the public as to what this law really means!

Our fight is not over, we will continue to stand up and fight for the right to protect the hard working families of Wisconsin.