Convention Empowers Through Leadership and Training

Rhonda Nelson

Rhonda Nelson
Rhonda Nelson

International Chair, Women’s Network

UFCW Women’s Network Convention empowers through leadership and training.

Thank you for attending The UFCW Women’s Network Eleventh Biennial Convention & Education Conference in San Diego, California. We are excited that so many of you could attend. I would like to express my appreciation to all of you who traveled, donated your time, participated in our workshops and supported the Network. A special thanks to our guest speakers, panel speakers, and we all enjoyed the surprise visit from our sisters attending the UNI conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Based on the feedback from many convention delegates, this was our best convention yet and we couldn’t have done it without you.

I ask that all of you help keep the convention momentum going by continuing the work of the Network in your Regions. If you’re not actively involved in your region, I ask that you support us by reaching out to your regional coordinators as our work is ongoing.

We need your voices, your strength and those enhanced leadership skills that we discussed during the convention. This will enable us to continue to speak out and fight against discrimination and the injustices that many women face throughout the United States and Canada.

Pay equity, a woman’s right to choose, immigration reform, paid sick days, child care, workplace and domestic violence, health care, and sexual harassment are all important issues to women and their families. We remain committed to working with our friends and allies during 2015 to help implement positive change.

The Women’s Network look forward to working with you in the months ahead and with your help 2015 will be a promising year.